Big Sky I.V. - Patient Care

Don’t just take our word for it – see what other patients and medical professionals have to say about Big Sky I.V. Care

Patients’ Comments:

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”font-color=’blue'”]“Services provided by Big Sky IV was the best experience. The confidence of the staff made me feel I was getting the best care. Although I didn’t’ have health insurance, no one treated me as any less of a person. I am grateful Big Sky IV was there for me.” Suzette B.[/su_heading]

“The entire staff at Big Sky IV Care was excellent in all areas. Over the two year period, I came to know them all as friends in helping me care for my husband.”- E.B. K

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”font-color=’blue'”]“There’s is no doubt at all that I would use BSIV again! They all treated me like family: none of the questions that I asked were answered in roundabout way, and never did I feel like I was a pain!” R.L.L.[/su_heading]

“Great people, great service! You’re the best! Thank you so much!” R.S. Kalispell

Practitioners’ Comments:

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”font-color=’blue'”]“We could not have asked for a better partner in managing Kathy’s care. Your commitment to her was something that is rarely seen. Your service is professional, yet personal. We appreciate you more than you know having had the opportunity to work with BSIV!! Thank you!!” -R. Cruz Jr. MD, Pittsburgh, PA[/su_heading]

“I was very impressed with the prompt communication. Thank you very much!”  S.Vanhaernents MD

[su_heading size=”15″ class=”font-color=’blue'”]“Your clinical pharmacist is great! I don’t have any recommendations for improvement. Keep up the good work!” R. Webb MD[/su_heading]

“Outstanding service!” Susanne Danielle MD- Glacier Medical Associates