Referral Requirements For I.V. Services

Big Sky I.V. Care provide professional, cost-effective care for patients where they live.

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We love Big Sky IV. All the staff are so friendly and caring. We can’t thank them enough for everything and making sure our son has his supplies every month!

Super great to able to do my antibiotic at home after proper training and not have to go to clinic every day. Made an inconvenience of daily application a much better experience! Many thanks!

The entire staff, from reception, owner and all nurses were welcoming, warm, reassuring, informative and immediately responsive to every question and concern I had.  I looked forward to going there every week, thank you all for helping me through this, I miss seeing you!

To Admit Or Refer A Patient For Big Sky I.V. Care Services, The Patient Must Meet The Following Requirements:

Physician’s or Licensed Practitioner’s Order 

Patient/caregiver must be willing to learn to self-administer the therapy (the registered nurse will not go out for every dose) except for Specialty Medications

Patient must be compliant with therapy ordered

The following information is important when ordering infusion therapy services:

  • Drug(s)/Dose/Duration/Route
  • Type of catheter and number of lumens
  • Start of care time (AM or PM)
  • If Patient is female: pregnancy/lactation status
  • Demographic information (such as patient name, address, and telephone number)
  • Patient emergency contact information
  • Diagnosis
  • Name of the ordering physician
  • Name of the physician who will sign orders (if different from ordering physician)
  • Patient height, weight, and allergy information (when applicable)
  • Inpatient stay dates, if applicable
  • Insurance information (Including secondary, if applicable)
  • Desired start of care date

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