Referral Requirements for I.V. Services

Big Sky I.V. Care provide professional, cost-effective care for patients where they live.

Our experienced, highly-responsive staff members serve the needs of each caregiver and patient, encouraging independence and involvement in their care.

To admit or refer a patient for Big Sky I.V. Care services, the patient must meet the following requirements:

  • Physician’s or Licensed Practitioner’s Order
  • Patient/caregiver must be willing to learn to self-administer the therapy (the registered nurse will not go out for every dose) except for Specialty Medications
  • Patient must be compliant with therapy ordered

The following information is important when ordering infusion therapy services:

  • Drug(s)/Dose/Duration/Route
  • Type of catheter and number of lumens
  • Start of care time (AM or PM)
  • If Patient is female: pregnancy/lactation status
  • Demographic information (such as patient name, address, and telephone number)
  • Patient emergency contact information
  • Diagnosis
  • Name of the ordering physician
  • Name of the physician who will sign orders (if different from ordering physician)
  • Patient height, weight, and allergy information (where applicable)
  • Inpatient stay dates, if applicable
  • Insurance information (Including secondary, if applicable)
  • Desired start of care date

To make a referral, please call us at 406.752.0440 or send a fax to 406.752.0443