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Note to Medicare Patients:

By Grady | Apr 13, 2020 |

Note to Medicare Patients:  Medicare and Advantage Plans DO NOT COVER most IV medications at home or at our infusion center.  It is an unfortunate lack of benefits for the people who need it the most.  During this COVID-19 pandemic, many folks have inquired about getting their infusion therapies outside of the hospital infusion settings. …

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Infusion Therapies and “Site of Care Optimization”

By Grady | Feb 7, 2020 |
Big Sky IV Care - IV Therapy

The quality of care at home or an independent, freestanding infusion suite is normally equal to the care you receive at other sites of care.

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Be Sure You Know the Details of Your Medicare Plan!

By Grady | Nov 22, 2019 |
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Individuals on Medicare should pay close attention to open enrollment, especially regarding their prescription medication coverage and options for Medicare Advantage plans.

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You’ll Be Glad We’re Here!

By Big Sky IV | Sep 19, 2018 |
Big Sky IV Care Staff-Photo-Sept-2018

Let’s be honest, no one really wants I.V. (intravenous) therapy.  But sometimes, your physician will prescribe an I.V. medication because it is the best treatment for your disease.  If this happens to you, remember, you do have options that might fit better with your lifestyle AND be less expensive.    Big Sky IV Care offers…

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Do You Need I.V. Therapy?

By Big Sky IV | Aug 27, 2018 | Comments Off on Do You Need I.V. Therapy?

Call Us! We can help.

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How Multiple Sclerosis Affects Sleep

By Grady | Oct 11, 2017 |
MS-Affects-Sleep / arm wrapped in bed sheets

People with multiple sclerosis are at a greater risk of sleep difficulties. They are twice as likely to report lower quality of sleep and three times more likely to experience disturbed sleep. Multiple sclerosis symptoms can contribute to sleep problems, such as brain damage that can interfere with the circadian clock. Muscle pain, spasms, and…

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Your Copay Assistance can Help You Save Money on Your Insurance Premium

By Big Sky IV | Nov 16, 2016 |
Big Sky I.V. - Insurance Savings

For those people on a chronic drug therapy, choosing an insurance plan may mean different considerations and options then for those who are not on high priced therapies.   Being aware of these options can save you money…maybe lots of money. Are you on a routine drug therapy with a copay assistance program?  Most of…

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Medicare Home Infusion Legislation

By Big Sky IV | Feb 13, 2016 |
Affordable health care - Big Sky IV

Call to Action: Ask Congress to Support Medicare Coverage for Home Infusion Therapy As odd as it may seem, Medicare does not cover all medical services patients might need.   If you have been on Medicare for a while, you may have already experienced this fact, especially if you needed Home Infusion Therapy. Home Infusion…

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Offering a Better Health Care Alternative

By Big Sky IV | Dec 17, 2015 |

Our priority is patient care, convenient appointment times, support and high quality service.

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