Caring Professionals

Big Sky I.V. Care employs a multidisciplinary Care Team approach. All pharmacists are trained in infusion, and someone is available 24 hours a day. Our nurses undergo up to three months of customized orientation. Each member of the care team is well equipped to assess, educate and care for infusion patients.

Big Sky IV Care Team

Big Sky IV Care Staff

Whitney Hubble • Heather Peacock, Pharm D • Carol Kodlick – RN • Kelly Lee • Julie Lyon -RN BSN • Margie Smith – RN BSN • Stacie Hull – RN BSN • Dave Grady, owner

Big Sky IV Care Nursing Staff

Big Sky IV Care Nurses

Stacie Hull – RN BSN • Julie Lyon -RN BSN • Carol Kodlick – RN • Margie Smith – RN BSN

E. Norberg - Pharmacist Big Sky IV Care
Heather Peacock - Pharmacist Big Sky IV Care

Big Sky IV Care Pharmacists

Ebony Norberg, Pharm D • Heather Peacock, Pharm D

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