You Have A Choice In Your Health Care Decisions

Big Sky IV Care’s response to COVID – 19
What are we doing to protect our patients and our staff?

  1. Limiting traffic into our pharmacy and patient rooms.  
  2. Only patients are allowed into the room. No Visitors allowed. 
  3. Cleaning, wiping, cleaning, wiping between patients
  4. Staff maintains social distancing when not at work
  5. The staff is constantly using Handwashing and Hand Sanitizer. 
  6. Our Nurses are gloved and masked! All other staff is wearing masks throughout the day.
  7. Patients are screened prior to arrival and are washing their hands upon arrival.
  8. We provide curb side pick-up and shipping to minimize traffic into the facility.
  9. The AIR SCRUBBER!  (photo):  We are cleaning the air in our patient rooms and facility with a HEPA Filtered Air Scrubber during the day and overnight!
  10. We are closely following CDC guidelines and making necessary adjustments when we receive updates. 

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Big Sky IV Care offers I.V. therapy choices in your home or in our infusion suites, depending on the medication and treatment plan. Working with your hospital team and/or physician, the staff of Big Sky IV Care will tailor your treatment to ensure you can receive your medications on time while allowing you the freedom to be at home or schedule your infusions as needed.

Caring Professionals

Our pharmacy and nursing staff have over 75 years of infusion and health care experience.


Big Sky I.V. Care is dedicated to clinical and educational excellence. We provide care for all types of I.V. catheters and central lines.

Freedom Of Choice

You have the right to choose. All providers, including hospitals and clinics, are required to provide The Right to Freedom of Choice.

Private Infusion Suites

Our patient care suites provide a private and comfortable setting for patients when receiving their IV medications in a safe environment..

Five Star

We consistently receive a five star rating in all areas of our healthcare professional satisfaction survey.

Our Services

Big Sky I.V. Care provides patients with necessary treatment and intravenous medication in the comfort of our infusion suites or in their own home.

We are an outpatient infusion pharmacy and nursing service comprised of professionals with many years of health care experience.

Therapies include:

  • Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy
  • Specialty Therapies for Chronic Diseases
  • PICC Line Care and Maintenance
  • Anti-viral and Anti-fungal Therapies
  • Catheter Care
  • Hydration/Electrolyte Replacement
  • Pain Management
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Enteral Nutrition
patient with IV sitting in chair

Big Sky IV Care Team

Our Team

Big Sky I.V. Care employs a multidisciplinary Care Team approach. All pharmacists are trained to oversee intravenous and injectable therapies.  A pharmacist and a nurse are available 24 hours a day. Our nurses undergo up to three months of customized orientation. Each member of the care team is well equipped to assess, educate and care for infusion patients.

Big Sky I.V. Care closely monitors the patient’s clinical status, dosage frequency, and treatment efficacy and is dedicated to compassionate care and clinical and educational excellence. In order to promote these ideals, we maintain an active quality improvement program to continue our tradition of exceptional care and patient satisfaction.

We are locally owned and independently operated.

Our Home Infusion Pharmacy Is Licensed And Accredited By The Following: logo
ACHC Accredited logo
Montana Department of Public Health logo
National Home Infusion Association logo
National Association of Boards of Pharmacy logo

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